Legna the Hedgehog
It's not u is business
Legna (drawn by Gheroes48)




Sis, Miss G.U.N agent, Mistress of guns and elements






November 2


Reading, singing, relax, working, friends, family, black, fun, peace, hearts


Evil, Disrespect, sis being a pest


Neutral Good


Using Guns, energy arts, angels wing,double moves, strength, hand-to-hand combat, element control: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Dark, Light, and Void

Legna the Hedgehog is a 15 year old girl that is the youngest sister of Brenda. She is a bit shorter than her but backs that up with her skills. She is also friends with Jenkyu.

Appearance Edit

Legna appear as a 15 year old hedgehog with the power to manublat the elements. She wears a long black coat with shorts (up to her ankes), a black tack top, black combat boots, and a red heart necklaces. She has short jet black hair with a bang covering her right eye, light green eyes, and light purple fur

Early Life Edit

Legna use to live in Westopolis and went to the same school as Brenda. Then one day, she saw a news bulitan about a new G.U.N agent and she quickly sign the contract. Before she started her new job however, her mother decided to move out of Westopolis (a little bit after the events of the black arms invation) and into Station Square . Legna founds out that G.U.N headqurders was in Station Square and wait until the moving was done, despite her sister wanted to stay in Westopolis. When she got to Station Square, she quickly started her new job at G.U.N and became friends with Streak and Dane.

Abilites Edit

Legna can control all of the elements. She somehow got the same traning as Brenda when she was 4 years old. Legna is the mussle in the sibling and her hand-to-hand combat skills can hurt if she use her full strength. Like wise, she can also handle a gun called the Bleeding Angel


Legna is a kind person like Brenda. She's also fun to hang out with in her spare time. She's out going and an a adventure type of girl. She's a bit short tremper and is more foces about the tacks ahead. Also in her spare time, she ether reads or sings. Dispite her ways of dressing, she pretty colorful and love fastion.




"Hey sis!"

"I'm Legna, a new agent"

"If you mess with me, you'll get a suprise like no other"

"I know I'm being a pest."

"Thanky for the heart guys!"


Legna's name means "Angel" backwards.

Legna is the second character that was made by Gheroes48 .

Legna is base off of Gheroes' one yr younger sister.

Her appears is from a game series called Tomb Rader.

She might appear in the TSF role play after the Invation