The Front of SS Hotel (screenshot from Sonic Adventure)


The Pool area of SS Hotel (screenshot from Sonic Adventure)

Inside hotel

The Elevators inside SS Hotel. The opened one leads to the Chao Garden. The closed one leads to the observation area at the top of the Hotel. (screenshot from Sonic Adventure)

The Hotel in Station Square is the chosen base for the resistance movement against the Cirsuimenian Invasion.

The HotelEdit

A wrecked hotel by the Emerald Coast. Chosen because its proximity to the coast prevents it from being surrounded, and its squalid condition blends into the ruined cityscape.

The Station Square Hotel was one of the least damaged areas in Station Square, following the attack by Perfect Chaos, and this helped to make it an ideal location as a base of the resistance. Whilst it had water damage, a few holes in the walls and not much glass in the windows, it was still in better shape than most of the other buildings thereabouts. The building also contained a parking structure underneath the hotel, a back exit onto a swimming pool and leading to the Emerald Coast beach, an underground sewage system on the other side of the road near Twinkle Park and a couple of elevators in the lobby of the Hotel, one of which led to the Chao Garden.