It's about time for me to write a blog post as well. So, I've recently been working hard to flesh out my fanmade Sonic characters. At the moment, these characters are Martin the Cougar, Lash the Wolf and Edina the Rabbit. In the past few days, I put the most effort into writing the bio of Edina and I think my efforts really paid off so far. There are still details that need to be added, though, but I think I'm making a really good progress, if I do say so myself. For Lash and Martin, however, I feel it's really needed to write more about the profile. Martin's description of personality is good enough, but his backstory is lacking. For Lash, his story is somewhat well developed, but his personality and characteristics need to be described more in detail. I'll get to them in time.

I also have two new characters in mind, both of them theoretically eligible for the criterias of the TSF Character Creation Challenge. Their names have already been mentioned on Edina's profile page. These characters' bio will be created and posted soon. Until then, be sure to check out what edits I make on the TSF Fanon Wiki: I make new submissions every day. D: